LIPH Science Journal Publishing Guidelines


Environments of publications

The LIPH Science Journal publishes scientific publications covering scientific articles, work of course completion, case study, scientific research, recension, experience report, review, technical report, dissertation, thesis, among others.



The scope of LIPH Science Journal is interdisciplinary sciences.



The contents of the scientific production is civil responsibility of the authors.


Sequence of Contents

The presentation sequence of the scientific production content is the title in english and portuguese, abstract in english and portuguese, keywords in english and portuguese, text in english or portuguese.


Sequence of the Text

The sequence of the text is introduction containing the problems and justification of the study, purpose, method, results, discussion, conclusion or final considerations, references, attachments, appendices. The discussion can be presented together or following the result.



The writing should follow the grammatical norms, technical-scientific language, avoiding slang or similar.


Conflict of interest

The conflict of interest is responsability of the author(s).



The scientific production must be numbered in the upper right corner of the header, with cardinal numbers. The number of pages of scientific production is unlimited.



The font is Arial.


The Size of the Font

The size of the font is 12 for the title, subheading, text and bibliography; 10 for the names of the authors, abstract, keywords, picture, title of pictures, header and footer.



Alignment to the left for the title and subheadings. To the right for the name(s) of the author(s). Justified for the text and references.


Line Spacing

The spacing among lines is 1 for the title, header, authors, abstract, keywords (in portuguese), figures and bibliographical references. The text spacing is 1.5 cm.



The upper margin, bottom, right and left is of 2.5 cm.



Each paragraph must be presente withouth margin and justified. Between a paragraph and other one should maintain spacing of 1.5 cm.



Enumeration of the titles and subheadings, should be presented in cardinal numbers.


Publication Language

The scientific production will be presented in Portuguese or English.



The bold is used in the title in Portuguese and English, in authors' names, in abstract terms, keywords, abstract, subheadings and titles of the figures.



Work of course completion, dissertation and thesis have exclusive authorship, according to Art. 27 of the Copyright Law No. 9610/98.



The header must present the bibliographic reference of the article in question, at the standard mechanism for online References (MORE) available in



At the footer enter the modality of scientific production, specifying the name of the advisors, co-advisors and examination board, followed by the institution's acronym in brackets.



Tranlation is a responsability of the authors.



The full name of the author (s) must be presented below the title, right-aligned and in bold. It must be sent to the link of the Curriculum LattesReseachGate or Institutional of each author, advisor, co-advisor and examination board. The presentation of the authors will be available on the link.The number of authors is unlimited.



The use of figures is optional. The figures include tables, graphs, charts, photos, among others, and should be included in the text body, and it may be colored. The title of the tables should be superior to the same, and inferior for the other figures. Figures should present bibliographic reference, inclusive in the case of own authorship.


Problematic and justification of the study

The problematic and justification of the study must be presented at the end of the introduction.



It should be presented before the objective (s), if there is one.



The scientific production must present conclusion or conclusions, except in the case study modality, experience report or recension, which should be replaced by final remarks. The conclusion must match the objective.



The number of bibliographic references is unlimited. The scientific production should follow just one standard bibliographic reference at the discretion of (s) author (s) mentioned below:



American Pychological Association (APA)

Estilo de Vancouver

Modern Language Association (MLA)



The annex presentation is optional and should be numbered consecutively. Annex corresponds to complementary or supporting materials.



The presentation of Appendix is optional and should be numbered consecutively. The Appendix corresponds to the material elaborated by the author (s).


Consent term

The consent of the authors’ publication is issued via email by one of the Authors.


Text Revision

The responsibility of text revision it is up to the author (s) to send the bibliographic production with text revision in Portuguese and English.


Omitted cases

The omitted cases will be referred to the Editorial Board.

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