LIPH Science Journal Regulations



The objective of LIPH Science Journal is the diffusion of original scientific production, exclusively in electronic version, having as a scope the interdisciplinary study in sciences.


Target Audience

The LIPH Science Journal target audience are undergraduated students and professionals.



It is up to the Editor coordinates the publishing of the LIPH Science Journal.


Editorial Board

It is incumbent upon Editorial Board evaluate scientific production sent by the authors. Each scientific production is submitted to two Board Members. Participation in the Editorial Board is voluntary.



The expedient will be composed by a Secretary and Press Advisory.


Technical Committee

The LIPH Science Journal Technical Committee is composed by professionals, undergraduates and graduates, whose participation is voluntary.



The LIPH Science Journal Moderator is e-Code Solutions.


Legal Advice

The LIPH Science Journal Legal Advice is voluntary and consists of a Judge.


National Cooperation

The LIPH Science Journal National Cooperation is composed by higher education volunteers, whose focus of activity is turned to the contacts with CNPq researchers.


International Cooperation

The LIPH Science Journal International Cooperation is composed by faculty and student volunteers, whose focus of activities is turned to the contacts with international researchers.

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